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Tragic Incident in South Korean Petrochemical Industry

A tragic incident at the South Korean petrochemical industrial hub of Yeosu. Whist only a thorough investigation will uncover the exact causes, the initial impression of the settings of this 4-fatality event would suggest that attempts were underway to contain the incident. Unfortunately, by the time formal investigations are completed, this tragedy would have become history and a statistical point! Going by the recent incidents (Kuwait, Indonesia, China, India and list goes on ….) some of them being repeats in matter of months, many more such calamities in this Industry, would relegate this tragedy to oblivion.

This is the order of the day and time. Only a conscientious, conscionable and concerted effort by managements of hazardous operations, independent of statutory requirements, will bring about meaningful improvement in the Industry’s Health & Safety performance!! The cornerstone to this effort must lie in EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS, in real terms and not in posturing.

Meanwhile, our heartfelt condolences and sympathies are with the Families of the departed. Speedy recovery to others who may be injured.

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