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Integrated OHS Management Consultancy (AIMS® Based)

Integrated OHS Management Consultancy

(AIMS® Based)

We are pleased to announce the launch of our AHESS Integrated Management System (AIMS®), the product of considerable thought and much deliberation. Our ingenuity lies in AHESS’ ability to incorporate the established essence and principles of leading global institutions.  AIMS® is conceived to support industries in addressing the essentials of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) in the most befitting and cost-effective manner through a single integrated management system.

Towards this object, AIMS® is supported by Spectra, a complement or a set of 12 core H&S elements. For ease of visualisation and reference, these elements are graphically arranged in a planetary system layout as well as that of the hours of the clock.

With the adoption of our AIMS® concept, management of operations and facilities will have the access to the means and tools to implement the right level of OHS administrative controls, policies, procedures, and standards. These could be expanded as operations grow in volume and complexity with time.

In conceptualising AIMS®, the prerequisites for sound and comprehensive H&S management of a standard industrial operation were first identified. They were then grouped into distinct but interdependent domains.

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Spectra centralised.png

AHESS Integrated Management System (AIMS)®

The 12 elements of AIMS® are meticulously identified on the basis of our extensive and varied experience in both field and corporate HSE management.

  1. Health & Safety Leadership

  2. Occupational Hygiene & Product EHS

  3. Emergency & Crisis Preparedness

  4. Safety Protective Systems

  5. Safe Work Practices

  6. Process Safety Management

  7. Risk Management

  8. Management System Principles

  9. Incident Investigation

  10. OHS Competence & Training

  11. OHS Performance Planning & Evaluation

  12. OHS Audits & Reviews

The key attributes and benefits that AIMS® brings to industrial organisations include:

  • Addresses all major/significant OHS apprehensions of facility and corporate managements.

  • Incorporates all major globally existent Health & Safety management systems (HSMS).

  • Is scalable and customisable to suit operations of any magnitude.

  • Offers fit for purpose approach to OHS management thus saving on COST, TIME & EFFORT.

  • Lends itself as capable of continuing to remain relevant to day-to-day operational risks unique to the organisation.

  • Serves as the basis for gap assessments and ongoing HSMS audits and reviews.

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