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Incident Investigation & RCA (TapRooT® Based)

Incident Investigation & RCA (TapRooT® Based)

Athena HESS represents System Improvements Inc. of the United States in providing training and consultancy in one of the most structured root cause analysis methodology utilizing the patented TapRooT® Software. The software is designed to streamline and organize the incident investigation process for powerful results. The software combines incident identification, analysis, and dynamic report writing into one seamless process.

The TapRooT® Enterprise Software helps organize a team’s responsibilities, tracks each stage of the investigation process, and allows report approvals and corrective action tracking.

The TapRooT® Single User Software takes the proven TapRooT® System and delivers it in a Windows application. This means that you have the full advanced human performance and equipment troubleshooting technology of TapRooT® in an easy-to-use patented program. The TapRooT® Software has a large number of pre-developed reports that allow you to easily print, retrieve and trend your data.

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